Tips for Making Your Used Car Last Longer

No matter your reasons for choosing to buy a used car, you likely want to do everything you can to make it last as long as possible. While insurance rates, gas prices and repairs are costs that are out of your control, you are fully in the driver's seat when it comes to helping your car last as long as possible and retaining as much of its value as possible. Here are a few tips for boosting the longevity of used cars:

Clean It

Regularly washing your car not only helps it look better, it also makes it last longer. This is because there are common contaminants that can cling to your car between washes and eat away at the paint job as well as the underside of your vehicle. Washing it keeps contaminants and corrosion at a minimum and overall reliability and appearance at a maximum.

Cool It

Besides checking to ensure you have the right amount of coolant for your engine, you also want to take steps to maintain your vehicle's cooling system. Without proper cooling, your engine can easily overheat and breakdown, which is likely to be an expensive repair. Pay attention to your vehicle's temperature gauge for potential signs of overheating, making sure you take your vehicle to a dealership if you suspect something might be off.

Lighten It

While it's understandable you want an emergency roadside kit inside your vehicle at all times, all other unnecessary items only weigh your car down. Not only that, but hauling around more than necessary puts stress on the engine, suspension, brakes and transmission. Lightening your load also boosts your overall fuel efficiency.

Ease Into It

Rather than taking off immediately after starting your car, you're better off waiting at least 30 seconds. After sitting for a while, motor oil cools down and drips to the bottom. By waiting a little while before taking off, you give the oil time to warm up and work its way through your engine to lubricate all the necessary parts.

Making your car last longer is easier than you might think. Be sure to put the above suggestions to good use.

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